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About Us

Foxhole Therapy is a unique therapeutic service located in a beautiful village on the outskirts of Dunblane. The location of our premises is discreet and chosen specifically to enhance your therapeutic experience. We have access to the most beautiful countryside on our doorstep, allowing us to offer our therapies within a calming and natural environment. We realise that life is becoming much more stressful for people of all ages and we hope our service can offer support and sanctuary during these times.

We are Amy Fleming (Play Therapist) and Maria Bianchi (Cognitive Behavioural Therapist) co founders of Foxhole Therapy. We both grew up in the local area with our friendship beginning in primary school and we have supported each other throughout life’s ups and downs. Having recently moved back to the area as experienced therapists we felt first hand the calming effects of the countryside and this is what we would like to offer as part of our service.

At Foxhole we offer a number of therapies for children, adolescents and adults including;

Play therapy & group play therapy
Parenting support
Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)
Couples/ relationship counselling
Walk and Talk

Our Therapies can help with a range of issues including:

anxiety | exam stress | school refusal | work related stress | eco/environmental anxiety | depression | trauma and abuse | self esteem | phobias | identity issues | substance misuse | loss and bereavement | divorce and family separation | anger | bullying

Please do get in touch to discuss your individual situation as you can talk to us about any issue. Most of our therapies can take place in a traditional therapy room within our foxhole or out in the countryside using our walk and talk service, you are free to choose.

So if you feel that there is something – even unidentified – that is causing you or your family to struggle in life, that is when to get in touch.

Our Therapies

Walk and Talk

It can be difficult to sit in a room with a therapist, so this option gives you the chance to talk in a less direct and threatening way. Research shows us that even brief exposure to the countryside and nature can have a profound effect on your wellbeing. Our location allows us to offer this very unique service to our clients.

Play Therapy

Provides a safe space for children and young people to share their strengths, struggles, worries and experiences through play. Adults can often talk about their worries but children and young people do not always have the words to do the same. In play therapy, clients can share their worries by using toys, art, sand etc. which makes it an ideal way for children and young people to communicate.

Play therapy is suitable for children from age 3 -12 years, but adolescents can also benefit from time in therapy to share what is going on for them. Play Therapy can help with a range of issues, supporting children and young people to become more confident in themselves and develop the skills to cope in the world today.

Group Play Therapy

Involves bringing together up to 4 children or young people who are struggling to make and keep friendships. Within the small group your child can be with their peers whilst being supported by the therapist, to play, to be with and experience the highs and lows of friendships. This enables them to develop skills to cope with the reality of social interactions at home, school and the playground.

Parenting Support

Can offer parents time to think about how it is to be a parent, looking at what is going well in your family but also identifying what is not. From there we can look at trying different strategies which will help to get your family life back on track.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - CBT

Offers a safe and confidential space to explore any part of your life that is causing you concern and that you would like to change. CBT is evidence based, it challenges unhelpful thinking, attitudes and behaviours that often keep us “stuck”. Using personalised techniques and tools we will work together on setting goals and achieving changes that will be more helpful to you and to allow you to cope and enjoy life.

Couples/Relationship Counselling

Explores personal and relationship problems in a safe, confidential and structured way, which can help improve and strengthen your relationship whilst allowing you to grow as individuals and perhaps say the unsaid.

Our Team


I offer a bespoke service, not a one box fits all approach to therapy and counselling. Each client is unique and therefore treated as such. The connection and collaboration within the therapeutic relationship can be as powerful for change as the work that gets done in each session. One of my strongest skills is helping you to feel comfortable sharing experiences or thoughts that you may have never talked about before. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to come along and meet with me to start on your journey of change.


I am a qualified play therapist with 23 years of experience in supporting children, young people and their families.I have worked closely with parents and carers who were trying to do their very best, helping them to manage very difficult situations. Being a parent myself I understand the challenges that face us. I am a very down to earth, warm and caring person who is skilled at engaging with children and young people at their level. Working from a strengths based approach I aim to have you and your child feeling strong and confident about the way forward when you leave a session. I have a particular interest in, and knowledge of the latest neuroscience research which demonstrates how we “nurture, protect, enrich, educate and heal children” and feel passionately about helping children and young people to develop the strengths they need to cope in the world today.

Our Fees

Amy Fleming

Play Therapy

Play Therapy session £65 (50 mins). 
Home Visit £40 (1 hour)
Initial meeting with parents/carers – £50 (1 hour)
Meeting attendance £50 (1 hour)
Report £50

We can tailor a play therapy package to your requirements, you can have as many or as few sessions as your child needs. Below however is an example of the cost of a full comprehensive assessment and 10 treatment sessions.

Play Therapy package – £1180
This cost includes 1 home visit, 1 observation session (school or home), 4 assessment sessions, 1 assessment feedback (report and meeting), block of 10 play therapy sessions, attendance at 1 meeting and an ending report.

Group Play Therapy

£30 per child per week (50 minute group session) 

Parenting Support

£50 per session (50 mins)

Walk and Talk

For parents or adolescents – £50 (50 mins)

Maria Bianchi

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

£53 per session (50 mins)

Couples Counselling

£80 per session (50 mins)

Walk and Talk

£53 per session (50 mins)

To view our cancellation policy click here.

Foxhole Therapists are registered members of the following professional bodies; BABCP, BAPT and COSCA. We observe the Ethics and Professional Standards of these organisations, should you need to raise a complaint please follow the link to COSCA’s complaints guidelines and procedure. http://www.cosca.org.uk/guidance-policies/complaints


Please use the contact form below to get in touch or alternatively give us a call or email. If you have any questions or are not sure which service you need we can help talk you through the different options and suggest which best suits you or your family. We will always try to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

Maria Bianchi - 07956 341839

Amy Fleming - 07469 299339


Foxhole Therapy, Unit 4, Ashfield Mill, Ashfield, Dunblane FK15 0JX